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As a business leader, every day you’re building a strong legacy, making decisions that move your department and organization forward to a better tomorrow. Sometimes that means taking top employee pain—generating that monthly report manually, checking two systems to find a customer’s most recent address, etc.—and once and for all addressing and solving it. Other times, it’s about peering over the horizon to consider how you can improve customer engagement through the use of technology. It also means acknowledging when things feel “off,” even when you can’t yet put a finger on the problem.

At Trilix, we love partnering with leaders like you—leaders who strive for a more excellent workplace. Leaders who believe that when operations and culture are in harmony with one another, an amplified level of success is reached. We introduce fresh technology solutions, process improvement and systems enhancements that drive out departmental inefficiency, strengthen employee and stakeholder loyalty, and support you in your quest to be a change agent.

Together, we explore the answer to the question: “How can we do better?”

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"Working with Trilix has been an absolute pleasure from the very beginning. Their team is incredibly professional and truly understands our needs as a nonprofit. They’ve taken the latest technology and seamlessly connected it to our mission. Trilix helped us see solutions for our organization that we could not see ourselves.”

Andrew Bramson, President & CEO, The College Crusade of Rhode Island

“We turned to Trilix and their Business Analyst, Dana McInnis, to help us drive priorities and stay on track when faced with transitioning our pharmacy. At this point, we consider Dana and the Trilix team to be part of the Mohegan Pharmacy family, and we look forward to continuing to utilize Trilix in different capacities as we move forward.”

Connie Hilbert, Executive Director of Health and Human Services, The Mohegan Tribe

“I have enormous respect for the folks at Trilix. We see the market as they do, and I know they understand my business. More and more companies like ours rely on automation and integration to improve workflows and provide business visibility as our systems and projects become more complex.”

David C. Marble, CEO OSHEAN, Inc.

Featured Training: Scrum 101

Did you know: Agile projects are 28% more successful than traditional projects? In this two-hour interactive workshop, you will learn the basics of the Agile approach of Scrum—including how to assemble your own Scrum teams and use Scrum to accelerate project success.

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Ready to use technology as your accelerator to workplace excellence? Complete this fill-in-the-blank worksheet to explore the current impact of your top business woe and outline actionable steps for reaching your desired business transformation.

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