Warwick, R.I. – Tuesday, August 8, 2017 – Empowering clients to reach a heightened level of workplace excellence by fusing together operations and culture, Trilix has officially opened its doors. Trilix—founded by Tim Hebert, former Atrion CEO and Rhode Island community leader—is a New England-based firm offering differentiated services in business process and workflow analysis, application development and systems integration, and user adoption.

A perennial entrepreneur and innovator, Hebert recognized an opportunity to help organizations overcome the challenges presented by manual, redundant and inefficient systems and processes. Whether that means helping a financial services firm free itself from managing finances in spreadsheets, or helping a retailer integrate its phone and CRM systems, Trilix leads with business analysis before determining the role technology plays in the solution.

“All too often technology is force-fit into a company’s environment as a stopgap, with the business failing to first identify its core business challenges and then determining technology’s part in the equation. We take a different approach, instead leading with analysis and process improvement,” says Hebert. “Through our prescriptive framework, we help our clients improve their existing systems and processes, as well as advise on the best-suited technologies to bring in house.”

As the landscape becomes more complex—impacted by mega trends, like the migration to cloud—business leaders are forced to evaluate their existing technology limitations. Trilix offers differentiated services across:

  • Business Process
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Application Development
  • Systems Integration
  • User Adoption
  • Consulting & Advisory Services

“We help our clients explore the power of change—of changing just one thing at a time to create momentum for the business to innovate,” adds Hebert.

About Trilix

Trilix is a consulting firm helping clients reach breakthrough growth. Trilix helps mid-market organizations strengthen their approach to strategy, execution and culture so they can achieve dynamic, lasting transformation. Made up of a team of senior-level strategists, innovators, developers and trailblazers, Trilix helps clients drive favorable business outcomes.

To learn more, please visit trilixtech.com.

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