I’ve been asked recently about why I decided to start my latest company, Trilix. And, I can honestly say, I started Trilix to solve a challenge I myself was facing as a business leader/owner—being saddled down by archaic, siloed and inefficient processes and systems. I, like so many of you, was victim to the statement, “We just can’t get out of our own way.”

In my last blog post (click here for more), I took a stroll down memory lane and shared with you all a very real system problem we had at my last company, Atrion, for several years. It wasn’t that we didn’t know we had to address the fact that our accounting system couldn’t natively track revenue in a way our business required; rather, it was that we were simply spending more time investing in our clients than ourselves. Sounds familiar, right?

In May, I opened the doors to Trilix, an outcomes-driven firm, empowering clients to create positive change by leveraging the right processes, technologies and people. We offer differentiated services in business process and workflow analysis, application development, systems integration, and user adoption. Today, I want to go a little deeper into why I felt now was the right time to launch my 19th company:

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Organizations Have Problems: Specifically, process and system problems. As a CEO for more than 25 years, I came to find that organizations—no matter their industry, revenue or size—grapple with broken systems and incomplete processes every day that prevent the business from moving forward and reaching desired transformation. As such, employees are often asked to do extraordinary things and perform herculean efforts, caused by living in spreadsheets and relying on inefficient processes and systems. Trilix sets out to tackle these problems, helping organizations uncover undiscovered and unrecognized needs, and present solutions to combat these obstacles.

No One is Talking About Business Outcomes: Though there are a lot of custom software companies in the market, most do not prioritize deep analysis of business requirements prior to arriving at the solution, instead leading with technology. (You can learn more about our unique approach to business analysis by clicking here.) They may be strong in developing a piece of software, but not as focused on addressing the entirety of the business problem, which includes workflows, processes, technology rollout and user adoption. Trilix leads with business analysis and begins by examining our client’s unique business challenges and performing a current state analysis. Trilix helps companies combat internal talent deficits and bandwidth constraints, arming clients with developers who not only understand technology at a deep level, but also understand business at a deep level.

Mega Trends Are Creating Added Pressure: Macro trends—particularly the shift to the cloud and the digitization of the enterprise—mean that process and system challenges will only become compounded in the future. We help companies remain at the forefront of these trends, without sacrificing their workflows or processes so that they drive efficiency, profitability and process and system improvement back into the organization.

At Trilix, we are committed to helping our clients uncover both the recognized and unrecognized needs in their organization. Sometimes what needs fixing is a process, one that has long been bottlenecked and inefficient. Other times a shift in mindset is required to solve the problem—a willingness to explore the possibilities that exist when you apply the right processes, technology and people to a challenge. The way we tackle the problem may change with each engagement, but regardless we approach each client engagement with an emphasis on deep business analysis, prior to addressing the problem area.

To learn more about Trilix, I encourage you to take a peek around our blog. I also encourage you to follow us across social media: Facebook, Twitter and on LinkedIn. I look forward to going on this journey with you!

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