Warwick, R.I. – Tuesday, August 29, 2017– Coming off the heels of its August launch, Trilix is inviting its clients, potential clients and select community members to its VIP Launch Party, taking place September 21 in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. The event celebrates Trilix’s official launch and gives attendees the chance to meet with the Trilix leadership, development and design teams and hear how Trilix empowers organizations to create positive change.

Trilix, an outcomes-driven firm, offers differentiated services in business process and workflow analysis, application development, systems integration, user adoption and consulting and advisory services.

“At Trilix, we believe that all organizations—no matter industry, revenue or size—grapple with broken systems and incomplete processes that prevent the business from moving forward,” says Tim Hebert, CEO and Founder. “As such, employees are asked to do extraordinary things and perform herculean efforts. Trilix tackles these problems, helping organizations uncover undiscovered and unrecognized needs, and present solutions to combat these obstacles.”

“Our VIP Launch Party provides a nice opportunity to not only connect more with our clients and potential clients, but to also shed light on the ways in which we help businesses reach a heightened level of workplace excellence,” he adds.

Taking place at Massimo Restaurant, located in Providence’s “Little Italy,” the event provides attendees the chance to hear from:

  • Garry Foisy, Principal Business Development, who will explore the reasons for founding Trilix
  • Dana McInnis, Principal, Business Solutions, who will review the role business analysis plays in solving organizational complexity
  • Randy Jackvony, Principal, Technology and Client Services, who will explore why a culture of “good enough” becomes the reality for so many businesses

“At Trilix, we’re committed to building strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients, where innovation creates transformation and has measurable impact,” says Foisy. “The Launch Party allows us to bring together a group of respected leaders and innovators—across several industries and companies—to explore the possibilities that exist when you embrace a spirit of collaboration and change.”

About Trilix

Trilix is a consulting firm helping clients reach breakthrough growth. Trilix helps mid-market organizations strengthen their approach to strategy, execution and culture so they can achieve dynamic, lasting transformation. Made up of a team of senior-level strategists, innovators, developers and trailblazers, Trilix helps clients drive favorable business outcomes.

To learn more, please visit trilixtech.com.

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