Just a few days ago, on September 21, we held our first-ever Trilix VIP Launch Party. It proved to be a wonderful and inspiring event. It was great to chat with so many of the guests including current and potential Trilix clients and partners, community members, friends and family. Whether you joined us or hope to join us for our next event, I’d like to share some lasting impressions that have stuck with me.

Validation of our Mission

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Though we spent some time diving deeper into our reasons for founding Trilix, what really stuck out to me was how the message seemed to resonate with attendees. We want to have a company that helps our clients truly address process and system issues. During his presentation, Garry Foisy, our Principal, Business Development, mentioned several symptoms that a business can see that indicate there are issues that need to be addressed. Some examples he provided:

  • “Death by spreadsheet,” or the use of often complicated spreadsheets to track critical business information
  • Single points of failure in the form of one employee having “secret” knowledge of a process or a system that is used to extract that information
  • Considerable time and resources spent to install a new system and user adoption is poor because the system adds instead of saving time or users aren’t adequately trained to use it

These are just a sample, but what was so validating was the number of guests nodding at each of the examples Garry offered. It reinforced for me that these challenges are real and are not unique to any organization, industry or person.

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Customer Service

Our event was held at Massimo Restaurant in Providence’s Federal Hill. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, food and staff. My interaction with the staff was very positive and in the midst of my personal interactions with friends, supporters and clients, they provided a reminder of the importance of great customer service.

A quick example: while I was chatting with a guest, one of the Massimo staff noticed the glass of water I was holding was empty. He politely asked if he could refill the glass for me. Since I was but a few feet away from the table with the water dispenser I declined by saying, “I can grab some myself.” He replied that it was not a problem and he was happy to do it.

As mundane as it may seem, the interaction was a powerful reminder of the importance of stellar customer service. He made me feel truly welcome to be there and invested in my positive experience. Further, I look forward to returning to the restaurant. It is an example I hope I can emulate with Trilix’s clients.

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Community Involvement & Employee Engagement

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Part of the founding mission at Trilix is to have an outstanding culture and be an active and positive member of the community at large. Part of that means evangelizing the need to create a positive environment for growth. Therefore, it was great to have the chance to speak with a reporter about the things we are doing for our employees to help nurture their existing strengths and help them grow in their careers. As we grow, we look forward to using that philosophy with new employees. Through this, we hope to be an example for employee engagement and help grow the technology sector growth in then Rhode Island area. That growth may come through community involvement or growing the careers of employees who eventually join other firms and improve the overall quality of the workforce.

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Energy and Excitement

While I was busy talking with our guests, I had the opportunity to catch glimpses of my fellow Trilix team members interacting with the crowd. I have worked with most of our talented team for over three years, so it is very satisfying to see their energy and excitement as we begin this journey.

After the guests departed the team had a chance to sit down for a chat and discuss the night. We shared reflections on the night, stories of specific interactions throughout the evening and a few laughs. We agreed that the night was exactly what we were hoping it would be.

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If you were able to attend, we very much appreciate the support. If not, we hope to see you the next time. And, in the meantime, we would like to continue the conversation. Our team is always available to discuss your process and business issues. You can reach out to us at any time by clicking here. We look forward to talking soon!

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