PBN, October 27, 2017 – When Trilix launched in May, the information technology consulting firm faced one of its first challenges within its own office – how to make sure someone remembered to feed the two fish occupying a tank in the company’s main lobby.

“Every day we’d be asking, ‘Did anyone feed the fish?’” said Randy Jackvony, principal of technology and client services at Trilix. “So, I said to one of the developers, ‘You know what would be great, if I could look on our company dashboard and find out who fed the fish.’ ”
By the next morning, two Trilix engineers had built a dashboard widget for that exact purpose.

“It’s a silly, little thing,” said Jackvony, “but I think that encapsulates the culture we have here, to be able to [discuss] ideas, because that’s when you come up with the really great solutions.”

Warwick-based Trilix is the brainchild of Tim Hebert, the former president and CEO of Atrion Inc. who now serves as chief client officer for Carousel Industries of North America Inc. since its acquisition of Atrion last year. Hebert’s experience with the frustration of inefficient technology as a business owner and executive provided the inspiration for Trilix.

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