When he’s not busy developing a custom application, hopping on a client call or participating in the daily Trilix Scrum Stand-Up, you may very well find Greg Moore in the middle of a pretty intense Nerf Gun war with his coworkers; somehow this developer is always the target.

As one of our Senior Software Developers, Greg is responsible for the coding of custom applications, portals, dashboards and system integrations for Trilix clients. Prior to joining Trilix, Greg worked as an Application Developer for eight-plus years at Northrop Grumman Information Systems and most recently as a Web Developer at Atrion.

We stole some time with Greg to find out how he became a software developer and what is still left on his bucket list…

What made you want to go into the software development landscape?

My family. My mom was a software developer for Burndy when I was young. I was always fascinated about my mom’s job, her daily responsibilities and how she could make the computers do exactly what she wanted them to do. My aunt was also a developer for Dictaphone where I luckily ended up interning during college and my Dad sold computer software and hardware. I remember spending time at his office around computers. Back then, I wasn’t old enough to understand how things worked per se, but I knew it was a space I wanted to explore. Of course, I also loved computer games (still do).

As I got older and started really liking math and its problem-solving aspect, I became interested in pursuing a career in computer science and development. Obviously, I was looking for a good computer science program, and I visited Stonehill College where I met with the head of the computer science department. I was impressed with how well he knew his stuff, and I immediately knew Stonehill was the right program for me.

What is one of the most important lessons you have learned over the years about your industry?

Something that has always stuck with me is that when you are coding, always try to do it in a forward-thinking way, otherwise later you will be bit. If you try to code the quick and dirty way, it will create several other problems down the road.

What does a good day at work look like?

The days I look forward to most are the days I get to work on something new or have the chance to learn something new from a development standpoint. As a team, one area we are investing a lot of time in recently is mobile development. It’s been a huge and exciting learning opportunity for me.

What is the best project you have ever worked on?

Recently, we helped create an application for the Leadership Challenge Workshops that are regularly led by our CEO Tim Hebert. With help from Tim, we architected the app from the ground up, choose the right technology based on Tim’s desired goals and designed and built it in a way that kept the attendee experience front and center. It was challenging, stimulating and fun!

What is the best question you have ever received from a client?

It always impresses me when a client speaks our language and asks a question that is specific to a current technology. It shows that they have an idea of what is trending and are both business- and technically-savvy. Even if they don’t speak our language fully, they know enough to strengthen the conversation.

What is something most clients may not realize about our development team?

Prior to coming to Trilix, I worked with several developers who were more focused on hard skills than soft. They were great at what they did but didn’t take the time to develop their communication and collaboration skills and their interpersonal relationships. Clearly, there remains stereotypes surrounding developers that they live in the dark, can’t speak to clients and are non-personable people. At Trilix, we are the opposite.

Our developers and I feel it’s equally important to be solid technically as it is to be strong strategically. We love talking with our clients and appreciate the importance of having meaningful, business-centric conversations with them to understand the problem they are trying to solve. This helps when it comes to project work because there doesn’t have to be a go-between or a translator between clients and developers. Instead, we can be there right from the beginning and help flesh out the problem together.

OK… switching gears… you were born and raised in Connecticut, but you live in Massachusetts. What baseball team do you root for?

Yankees. I am a HUGE Yankees fan—had season tickets from 2005-2016. Being a Yankee fan in Mass is not as painful as it used to be, thankfully. In college, I would get heckled everywhere I went for wearing a Yankees hat, but these days it doesn’t seem to be so bad!  That said, I see the rivalry heating back up…

How do you recharge after a crazy week?

In the summer time, it’s about spending time on our boat, and in the winter time, it’s Netflix binging and skiing. Right now, I am trying to catch up on “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead.” And then it’s also about finding places to ski. My wife and I skied in the Italian alps for our honeymoon and that was amazing. The West Coast is next on my list!

Name one item on your bucket list.

To go to New Zealand. My wife spent six months there, and she tells me all the time how amazing it was.

What’s one movie you could watch over and over again?

Oh that is easy… “The Rock” with Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery.

You are expecting… first piece of advice you are going to teach him?

Respect your Mom; she’s one in a billion!


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