Warwick, R.I. – Tuesday, December 5, 2017—Since its founding, Trilix has helped organizations understand that workplace excellence is born at the point at which sound operations and vibrant culture intersect. To bring greater awareness to this conversation, Trilix has launched a monthly blog series dedicated to profiling exemplary business leaders who purposefully invest in both operations and culture to reach a more utopic business environment.

“We have been having powerful conversations with a number of our clients and partners about how businesses struggle to build great processes and implement best-in-class systems, while also working on things like culture, employee morale and customer satisfaction. One focus area always seems to trump the other,” says Garry Foisy, Trilix’s Principal of Business Development. “But operations and culture are intrinsically connected. You can’t have a successful technology roll-out for instance, without a healthy culture that embraces change. Similarly, you can’t be completely fixated on strong vision without also zeroing in on how workflow and process make visions realities.”

The monthly series, authored by Foisy, features leaders who prioritize workplace excellence, understanding that to be great is to understand how people, process and technology blend powerfully together. Such companies enjoy financial gains by combating organizational waste, create lasting impact with their employees and clients, and become more transformative in nature.

The kick-off blog profiles Bill Wray, Chief Risk Officer from the Washington Trust Company, who has more than three decades of experience successfully leading technology, operations and enterprise risk management, among other areas, for enterprise companies. To Wray, operational excellence at its core is about helping companies run “faster, better, cheaper and happier.”

“The achievement of operational excellence is grounded in two old-fashioned virtues: first humility, to accept that things are not as good as they could and should be; second courage, to be willing to do whatever is necessary to allow your frontline employees to be their best on behalf of your customers,” he says. “If you have those two qualities in your corporate culture and on your leadership team, everything else will fall into place as you learn to use the techniques and tools of continuous improvement.”

In the coming months, Trilix will profile a number of other leaders including: Darlene Morris, Director, Center for Improvement Science, Rhode Island Quality Institute; Tom Pesaturo, Principal at Exceeda Consulting, Inc.; and Kathy O’Neel-Webster, Vice President of Compliance, Preventure.

To learn more about the series, or to nominate someone to be profiled, click here.

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