Whether she is organizing a team building scavenger hunt activity around Providence for us (check out the photos here!), overseeing our finances and service agreements, or identifying potential Trilix partners, Erica Davies ensures that our operations and culture work powerfully together. Committed to creating a vibrant workplace culture based on inclusivity, collaboration and dynamism, Erica understands the role intentional leadership and employee morale play in the overall success of a company.

We stole a few minutes with our Principal of Business Operations to get her thoughts on what the community can expect from Trilix in the years to come to why the office candy jar must always be full to everything in between.

As the Principal of Business Operations for Trilix, tell us a little bit about your day-to-day responsibilities.

My day-to-day responsibilities are quite diverse, which is exactly why I love my role here at Trilix! The variation of my role, means no two days are alike. One day, I’m processing payroll and 401K contributions, negotiating service agreements with clients and out in the community inspiring and educating students of the opportunities available in technology. The next day I am pulling monthly financial reports and working with an architect on planning our new office space. I love it!

While I run business operations at Trilix, I believe my most important role is working to create a dynamic culture of workplace excellence for our team members. I believe that creating a culture that focuses on your team first, is the foundation for success in today’s modern business environment and into our very big and bright future.

I’d be remiss to mention that I am also our CEO/Founder Tim Hebert’s right-hand (okay, maybe both his right and the left), working very closely with him and our executive leadership team in shaping the strategy and future roadmap for Trilix.

Tim and Erica at the Trilix Launch Party, 2017 © Cat Laine.

You were one of the founding executive members of Trilix. What made you say “yes” to this opportunity?

I was the first person Tim approached with the idea of creating Trilix (which was simply referred to as “the project” at the time). I have worked very closely with Tim for the last seven years, so it did not take too much convincing for me to say “yes.” In short, I believe Tim to be a true visionary who truly believes in creating a positive impact on those around him, and I simply HAD to be part of his next venture without question. I was also extremely excited to have the opportunity to continue to work closely with him and our entire team on building another special, legacy company here in the beautiful State of Rhode Island.

Before joining Trilix, you worked for more than six years at Atrion as Tim’s Senior Executive Assistant. What is your favorite lesson about entrepreneurship and leadership that he taught you?

During my tenure as Tim’s EA, I was fortunate enough to be with him most days, in all senior leadership meetings, board meetings and public speaking engagements. As such, I had the opportunity to soak in a tremendous amount of knowledge on just about every modern leadership practice that exists. One of the most powerful lessons Tim taught me over the years was to be your authentic self. Being an authentic leader, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, is not only an awesome leadership quality but really just makes you a great human being as well.

During my initial interview with Tim about seven years ago, during my final interview I was asked to present on one of my core values. My presentation was centered around a very simple but authentic value: caring. To this day, Tim and I remind each other every day how simply caring for others opens a rewarding path. Caring allows a leader to push his or her team beyond their limits; caring allows you to guide when they may be off track; caring allows you to give back to those around you, both professionally as well as the community.

During that final interview, I was super nervous to present on such a basic value. I was talking to a good friend prior the interview and she said, “If Tim is asking for your core values, don’t be afraid to be honest.” Well here I am seven years later and that day, and every day after that, changed not only my professional life, but really made me focus in on my personal core values as well. Truly a treasure.

What is one thing existing and potential clients may not know about Trilix?

The Trilix team eats a lot of M&Ms. I mean, seriously, it’s hard to keep up on the M&M supply! All kidding aside, what existing and potential clients should know about Trilix is that this team is absolutely dedicated in partnering with our clients to begin and/or continue on the journey towards workplace excellence. This could mean everything from partnering with us on a new software development application that will change their business to tapping us to integrate your business phone system with your customer relationship management system. We approach each client engagement with a deep understanding of how operations and culture need to be considered together.

Erica and her 8-year-old daughter Reese

You’ve spent a great deal of time building Trilix’s culture, just six months into business! What role do you feel culture plays in building strong companies?

It’s simple. I believe an organization that is filled with team members who feel inspired, appreciated, challenged, rewarded and included will result in a culture of trust and excellence. Trilix is at the beginning of its journey in building an extraordinary workplace culture. Our journey started when the entire team worked collaboratively to define our four core values which are: Fueled by Curiosity, Cultivators of Inspiration, Mindfully Intentional and Tech Super Fans. Building a strong culture is not a destination; it is a journey that is massively important to me and will always be one of my top priorities.

Trilix has made it a priority to have a strong community presence out of the gate. What can the greater Rhode Island community expect of Trilix in the years to come?

I can’t believe it’s only been six months since we “opened our doors” and yet, we’ve already have had the opportunity to make a positive impact within the tech community here in Rhode Island. Trilix has already began supporting organizations such as Junior Achievement, Opportunity@Work, Tech Collective and CS4RI. Trilix believes in supporting Rhode Island youth in STEM/STEAM programs and will continue to build strong relationships within the community around these initiatives.

It is wildly important that “we” take the responsibility to inspire our future workforce to pursue careers in all aspects of technology. Trilix is committed to building strong partnerships with our state youth programs over the next year as we establish ourselves as a strong community partner in the technology arena.

Erica, Reese and husband Eddie!

Switching gears… what are 3 things you need to start your day?

Morning snuggles from my daughter, a large cup of coffee and a morning car ride to the office with my reggae music playing to fill my island soul.

Who, on Team Trilix, is most likely to survive on a deserted island?

Travis. I’m not even sure why I think of him immediately, but I have full confidence he could survive on a deserted island. Maybe because of his camping background, his very methodical approach to development and perseverance for success.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure?

The TV series “Empire” and reality show “Flipping Out.” Both very fascinating entertainment… for the very few!

If you had to give up chocolate or cheese, which could you live without?

Chocolate. I would not miss it for the world.


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