PBN, January 10, 2018Garry Foisy, principal of business development at Trilix in Warwick, is giving select business leaders in Rhode Island and Massachusetts a chance to share their knowledge on workplace excellence in a new blog series, at www.trilixtech.com. Each month, he features a business leader with topics including employee morale, cutting organizational waste and improving processes.

PBN: What do you hope other Rhode Island business leaders will get out of reading this blog series?

FOISY: Technology has evolved tremendously over the past 10 years and has become a critical and essential component in business – and in delivering solid business outcomes. Exceptional leaders who are embracing technology, while properly acknowledging and balancing it with great people and superb process, are winning big for their organizations. My hope is that by sharing stories of excellence in the workplace, we’ll help fuel the movement in a small way, and create a spark of encouragement for others.

PBN: How did you go about choosing which leaders would be featured in the series?

FOISY: Through my work, I inherently come across a handful of leaders who inspire and impress me with their deeper understanding of the role people play in organizational success; the importance of a strong culture; the significance of empathy and purpose; and the unique way process, technology and people can fuse together. My meetings and discussions with these select types of leaders just take on different vibes and tones, and I can instantly tell that there is something special in the air and something extraordinary to share. It is these select leaders – and their unique take on success – I wish to introduce to the larger community.

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