“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” ― Meister Eckhart

When we founded Trilix in May of 2017, we knew we wanted to help our clients do extraordinary things: specifically, we wanted to empower them to effectively harness the strength of combining technology, process and people to achieve organizational goals.

For some clients, that could mean building custom applications that provide enhanced visibility and functionality within departments and across the organization. For others, that could mean integrating two disparate systems—e.g., your office phone system and customer relationship management system—to bolster the customer experience. Still, for others, it could mean examining one business process and workflow, pinpointing how it contributes to organizational waste and building a bridge to a better tomorrow.

Over the latter half of last year, we spent a great deal of time validating (and trying to refute) our purpose. We had wonderful conversations with business leaders about their top process and systems challenges. We assembled a Focus Group in December to bat around these very concepts, asking our Trilix friends and ambassadors to go on this journey of co-creation with us. Then we started testing out messaging and approach with our existing and potential clients.

Something pretty cool happened along the way.

When we viewed our intended purpose from a few feet higher, we realized that at the end of the day our purpose is really to help our clients achieve a heightened level of workplace excellence.

Our clients—all of whom desire to strengthen their business operations through the use of technology, process and people—often know exactly what needs fixing. They have the vision. They can articulate it perfectly. What they need is an execution, strategy and technology partner. They want someone who can offer fresh perspective. Someone who uniquely understands the role culture plays in operations and vice-versa. Someone who can help them move their business forward.

As we enter 2018, Trilix is looking to have conversations around just that… this heightened level of workplace excellence. It is our belief that this X-factor level of excellence is reached at the point at which sound operations and vibrant culture come together. It’s our job to help Trilix clients get there.

Our New Home

As we spent time refining our messaging and expanding our portfolio of offerings, we knew our website needed to morph into a hub that helps the larger community go on this journey with us. So today, we introduce our new Trilix website. There are a few things we’d love to call out for you:

The Excellence Movement

Our conversations with a number of business leaders, partners and clients revealed that leaders like you are starved to have the conversation of, “what can I do better?” You are enthusiastic about investing in the right technologies, improving workflows, eradicating manual work and integrating siloed systems, but you are also equally passionate about being an effective leader, creating a culture of empowerment and prioritizing user adoption. You believe that operations and culture go hand-in-hand.

As you browse through our new site, you will see updated language that reflects the great insights gleaned from these conversations. You will also notice that our portfolio of services has expanded. In addition to offering services around Business Process and Workflow Analysis, Application Development, Systems Integration and User Adoption, we now offer Consulting and Advisory Services. Through this offering, we allow our clients to lean on our developers, designers and analysts in a consulting capacity, to help tackle specific, milestone-driven projects. This allows for a deeper level of partnership and a greater focus on that excellence measure.

We have also introduced an educational arm: our Continuous Learning offerings. To help you explore the powerful connection between operations and culture, we now offer a number of workshops that support this path.

Blogs and Musings

As we explore the notion of workplace excellence together, it’s important that we peel back the layers of this concept. What does workplace excellence look—and feel—like? How do the right technology rollouts help you inch closer to transformation? How can culture be both the barrier and promoter of excellence? Through our updated, interactive blogging platform, we will dive deeper into this together. Specifically,

  • Our CEO/Founder, Tim Hebert, will talk about how to approach every business decision—whether strategic, philosophical, tactical, technological, etc.—against that excellence model.
  • Our Principal of Business Development, Garry Foisy, will continue connecting with trailblazing business leaders through his workplace excellence series. So far, Garry has talked with Bill Wray, Chief Risk Officer at The Washington Trust Company, and Darlene Morris, Director at the Center for Improvement Science at the Rhode Island Quality Institute—check them out! We continue the series with profiles about to be released featuring Tom Pesaturo, Principal at Exceeda Consulting, Inc. and Kathy O’Neel-Webster, Vice President of Compliance, Preventure.
  • And we have a sea of other bloggers who will provide salient tips and tricks that can aid you in your journey towards a better workplace.

For You: As we head into 2018, we will be introducing a wave of guest bloggers to our site. Have something you want to say? Drop me a note here. We would love to share your thoughts on our site.

Connection and Relationship Building

In designing and developing our new site, it was imperative to us that we create many entry ways for you to connect with Trilix. You will see that on every single page there is a way for you to reach out to us.

You can drop a line about joining our partner ecosystem, tapping us to teach an educational workshop, understanding how our services support your business pursuits, and everything in between! At the end of the day, we enjoy nothing more than good dialogue and meeting new people. So, let’s chat!

Did we mention we love coffee? First cup is on us!

The Magic of Beginnings

Like you, we at Trilix are enthused by the ushering in of a New Year. Like you, we are fascinated by the idea of what could be. The unveiling of our new site is one more step we take forward to bring these important conversations to the foreground.

We are honored to enter a New Year with you and excited by all the rich conversations with you that we know are just around the corner. Here’s to a magical, revolutionary 2018!

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