Each month, we will revisit our top blogs of the month, giving you the chance to check out some of our favorites. Here’s a look at the top blog posts from January…


Can Your Apps Keep Up?

This month, our Principal of Business Solutions Dana McInnis encouraged us to all consider the following: “If the generations that are about to enter the workplace will do one thing and one thing alone, they will demand the true integration of technology and process.” In other words, with Gen Z on its way to the workplace—with the oldest generational members just one year away from graduating college—business leaders face mounting pressure to combat process and systems complexities. Just as this generation expects to have access to a myriad of helpful applications and smooth operations outside of work, they have the same expectations for inside the office. Simply put, they won’t accept systems workarounds or daily tasks that result in a death-by-spreadsheet scenario. Instead, they want to work for companies that are innovative when it comes to investing in technologies and building workplace processes.

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Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

Consider these two statements for a moment and which resonates with you more:

  • My intelligence is something very basic about me that I can’t change.
  • I can always substantially change how intelligent I am.

Your answer indicates whether you have a fixed or growth mindset, a concept our CEO/Founder Tim Hebert dives deeper into in this post. To have a fixed mindset is to believe that your character and creative ability is static, or given. Conversely, to have a growth mindset is to believe that your intelligence, character and creative ability can be developed over time. In his post, Tim explores the importance of a growth mindset as a catalyst for workplace excellence explaining, “When we look at the big rocks we must tackle in the coming year—improving business operations, investing in the right technologies, strengthening corporate culture—keep in mind that we can only do so if we approach our challenges with the fundamental belief that everything can always get better.”

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Exploring Excellence with Darlene Morris

At the end of last year, Trilix launched a workplace excellence blog series, committed to profiling exemplary business leaders who believe in the fusion of operations and culture to help companies reach organizational goals. We kicked off the year with a profile piece on Darlene Morris, Director, Center for Improvement Science, at the Rhode Island Quality Institute (RIQI). Our Principal of Business Development Gary Foisy discussed a number of things with Darlene from the importance of quality improvement initiatives to how to make sure the “people” part of the equation is never forgotten.

When asked to define workplace excellence, Darlene explained: “Workplace excellence is what happens when a group of individuals with a common purpose use their individual gifts to achieve worthwhile aims. It requires the right kind of leadership, a meaningful goal, a capable team and the willingness to choose to excel.”

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Trilix Gets a Makeover

We jump-started 2018 with the unveiling of our new website, committed to elucidating on our purpose—helping clients reach a heightened level of workplace excellence. In case you missed it, we put together a blog highlighting all the new features and pages on our site, including information on our new Consulting & Advisory Services offering and our more robust blogging platform that you’ve found your way to today. For a refresher course, or to familiarize yourself with our new website, click on the link below.

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