Warwick, R.I. – Monday, February 26, 2018—The job of an HR leader has become a delicate balancing act, with today’s leader responsible for everything from how to identify best-in-class benefits packages to how to embrace cutting-edge technologies that transform corporate culture. But in many organizations, process, technology, and systems obstacles slip through the cracks, causing daily grievances for employees that negatively impact culture and work against the mission of HR.

On Wednesday, March 21, Trilix’s Principal of Business Development Garry Foisy will take center stage as a featured speaker at DisruptHR Rhode Island to pull back the curtain on the technology and process impediments that cause employees to leave.

“HR leaders can be the agents of change that help their organizations evolve legacy technologies and fix broken processes that cause headache-after-headache for employees. But, often the whirlwind of the job can get in the way causing these annoyances to prevail,” says Foisy. “At DisruptHR I am looking forward to igniting the fire within HR leaders to assume co-responsibility for the way operations and processes both strengthen and damage corporate culture.”

Foisy will join 13 other business leaders for the state’s first-ever DisruptHR event. The Rhode Island event is being sponsored by RI SHRM and the New England Institute of Technology. The national Disrupt information exchange is designed to “energize, inform and empower” people in the HR field. The format includes 14 speakers who have five minutes on the floor each, with their slides rotating every 15 seconds.

Foisy’s speech, titled “Workplace Excellence: The Desired Utopia for the Keeper of Culture,” draws on his more than 25 years of leadership experience, having led both sales and marketing departments for several distinguished Rhode Island IT services companies. His speech will also fuse in the recent discoveries realized in launching his monthly Trilix blog series centered upon this notion of workplace excellence. The series was highlighted in January in the Providence Business News’ “5 Questions” section.

“When we think of technology and process, we often assume the challenges and victories sit within IT’s court. In reality, HR, as the sole keeper of culture, has to join forces with IT and co-own the way in which technology and business processes shape employee morale, empowerment and excellence in the workplace,” says Foisy.

To learn more about Foisy, and his beliefs on workplace excellence, click here.

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