PBN, April 27, 2018 – Randall Jackvony, principal of technology and client services for business technology consulting firm Trilix Inc., remembers his lightbulb moment. It came after a constituent’s phone call about trash delivery when he served on the Cranston City Council.

“An elderly woman called to talk about the trash bins being left in the road. At the end of the call she said, ‘Thank you for your help, I appreciate it,’ ” Jackvony explained. “I hadn’t done anything yet, but I realized it’s about giving people a chance to talk about things. For us, as consultants, it’s about hearing the real story.”

Jackvony leads technology and client services for the 11-person firm in Cranston that launched last May. Trilix was able to hit the ground running thanks to its staff of senior-level leaders, many of whom have worked with each other previously. They began with a plan focused on workplace excellence and customer success. They also liked working with each other.

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