“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I vividly remember the drive over to Massimo Ristorante in Providence on Sept. 21, 2017. I was thinking about what I wanted to say that night at our VIP Launch Party, an event that would commemorate the official launch of my 19th business. Though Trilix officially opened its doors on May 1, that night was really our “coming out party.” The moment where we invited the greater community, our existing and future clients, partners, friends and family to join us on this special journey—a journey to help organizations reach a heightened level of workplace excellence by more intentionally fusing together culture and operations and using technology as a true accelerator for excellence.

That evening will always be etched in my memory. More than 65 business professionals came out (both new and old friends) to celebrate the launch. We introduced our purpose and vision. We toasted to our future. And when I gave my speech, I couldn’t help but get choked up—rare for me! I knew we were embarking on something truly extraordinary.

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That night feels like yesterday but here we are on May 1, a full year since we first established Trilix. There were so many pivotal moments throughout our first year and today I want to share a few of my favorites…

A Movement to Workplace Excellence

When we started Trilix, we knew we wanted to create a company that did more than just build cutting-edge applications and integrate disparate systems. We wanted to empower business leaders to think differently about how they approach technology and process against the backdrop of culture.

Over the course of our first year, we had conversations with multiple business leaders about their top opportunities and challenge areas and many of them expressed wanting the same thing: they wanted to make things better within their departments and organizations. This year, we have invited business leaders to ignite a movement with us to redefine workplace excellence.

At Trilix, we believe a heightened level of business excellence can be reached at the point at which operations and culture come together. To us, organizations that center on workplace excellence uniquely understand the powerful way people, processes and technologies fuse together to move an organization toward its desired future state. It’s about approaching and making every business decision—whether strategic, philosophical, tactical, technological, etc.—against that excellence model.

In Year 1, we took critical steps forward toward igniting this movement from kicking off a monthly blog series that profiles extraordinary leaders subscribing to this belief to introducing our first of many workplace excellence workshops. And we’ve just gotten started! To explore how to join the movement with us—from participating in our blog series to bringing our team in for a Lunch & Learn—click here.

Amazing Clients and Partners

We are incredibly lucky at Trilix to work with wonderful clients and partners who we call friends. We have the privilege of working and partnering with individuals who have a voracious appetite for change, continuous improvement and technology acceleration.

On the client side, because of our relationships, we were able to create and build some pretty amazing things in Year 1! Some of our project highlights include:

  • Embarking on a second phase of a project for a client that includes an exciting mobile application to allow their team to execute field work and data collection
  • Helping a client to reimagine how process and technology can greatly enhance interactions with their community members
  • Building integration between a client’s phone system and CRM to enable better service and enhance turnaround time for their customer and saving their employees key time to allow them to help customers quicker
  • Extracting, formatting and submitting years’ worth of data from a legacy system so a client could meet strict regulatory requirements
  • Redesigning and developing a client’s legacy ticketing system with a focus on ease of use and automation so their team could focus on solutions and not data entry

On the partner side, we struck up relationships with a number of companies so that we can team together to better serve our respective communities. To solidify those bonds, we sat in on each other’s focus groups, attended networking events together and explored how our services could complement one another. We place great importance on our partner ecosystem and look forward to striking up even more relationships over the next year.

Technology Victories

Here at Trilix, we like tech… a lot (see below). Our first year in business would have not been complete without a few technology victories along the way. One of our most exciting milestones was creating our first Trilix application. After hearing many business leaders express their frustration with how to effectively communicate with their teams, we created a business application that we affectionately call Q&A. Q&A is an IOS and Android application that allows business leaders to present critical information about their companies and departments in a digestible, mobile-friendly format for their employees—and boasts voice search and playback, commenting capability, and the ability to favorite specific questions/answers. Check it out here!

When we founded Trilix, we focused on creating a culture of continuous improvement with both our clients and our team. The latter is particularly important since there are constant changes and improvement in the technology landscape that require us to learn to best serve our clients. In our first year, our team cross trained, experimented and learned. From this came new and improved skills in technologies like ReactJS and iOS and Android mobile development. Just like continuous improvement is important, constant innovation is equally important.

Intentional Focus on Culture

From the moment we opened our doors, it was important to build the components of an unbreakable culture, beginning with the identification of our core values. Last year we got our team together and asked them: what words come to mind when you think of Trilix? We had an awesome brainstorm session with a lot of whiteboarding and, from there, arrived at our core values:

  • Fueled by curiosity
  • Mindfully intentional
  • Cultivators of inspiration
  • Tech super fans

You may enjoy reading our Year 1 Manifesto: click here to read and laugh.

In addition to focusing on the development of our core values, we spent time on other important cultural components: team building (relive the fun of our scavenger hunt last fall!); community involvement and volunteering; professional development; and ideology, among other things. Most recently, we took one more giant leap forward towards crafting our culture when we opened the door to our new office space. On April 9, our team moved into our new suite located in the vibrant Garden City area in Cranston, RI. You can learn more about our new space and how it supports our culture by checking out this blog from Erica Davies, our Principal of Business Operations.

Turning the Page

With our first year in business done, we are immediately setting exciting and BIG goals for Year 2. One of our biggest focus areas is the continued blending of continuous improvement with constant innovation both internally and externally. When these two come together, business leaders and organizations drive efficiency, excellence and impact into their operations and culture. Be sure to stay tuned for my next blog in which I’ll give you a peek as to what’s on the horizon.

But, today, we take a moment to celebrate our talented, passionate members of #TeamTrilix that make every day remarkable, we reflect on the critical markers from our first year, we give thanks to our clients, partners, friends and family who have continue to provide us with unwavering support, and we look ahead to Year 2 with bright eyes and huge dreams!

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