Most of you who know me know that I wait all year for this time of year to come around—the moment where we are just weeks away from the inevitable warm summer days. To me, the weeks ahead are anything but the dog days of summer; instead they are the days I feel my most motivated, intentional and excited.

Since we started Trilix on May 1, 2017, this time of year has become even more special to me. The beginning of May does not just signify my favorite season ahead anymore. It now represents our business anniversary, all that we have achieved the year prior and all our hopes for the year ahead.

It’s hard to believe that we have just celebrated our first birthday as a company! I still remember vividly when our CEO/Founder and my good friend Tim Hebert told me he was thinking of starting his 19th company. I laughed because none of this surprised me in the slightest coming from Tim. Tim referred to it as “the project” at the time but hearing him talk about his hopes for Trilix inspired me. It didn’t take too much convincing for me to say “yes” to embarking on this entrepreneurial journey, and I am so glad I did.

When starting a new company, there is so much you try to prepare for and then at the same time, so much for which you cannot. Our first year in business was exciting, rewarding, challenging, inspiring… the list goes on. In looking back, there are so many amazing moments that rise to the surface but here are my top three which all laid the groundwork for crafting our remarkable culture.

Choosing and Living Our Core Values

From Day 1, we felt it was important to build an unbreakable culture. An organization that is filled with team members who feel inspired, appreciated, challenged, rewarded and included will result in a culture of trust and excellence. Just a year in and we have already planted the seeds to our extraordinary workplace culture. We were able to start building this solid foundation by working together as a team to develop our company’s core values which helped provide a sense of purpose in our work. Today, we live and are guided by those core values:

  • Fueled by Curiosity
  • Cultivators of Inspiration
  • Mindfully Intentional
  • Tech Super Fans

Throughout the year, we’ve also focused on having open communication and being transparent which has allowed the entire team build trust with one another. In addition, we like to have a healthy dose of fun including an occasional Wine Wednesday, Allie donut morning run (though we try to limit those!), team member recognition, birthday celebrations, team scavenger hunts, pot-luck Thanksgiving lunch, a holiday celebration and more.

Team Scavenger Hunt day!


Giving Back

At Trilix, our purpose is to empower individuals to be the agents of change. In our line of work that often means enabling our clients to bring about transformative technology, process and system changes. Within our team, that could be supporting a member of Team Trilix in going for a professional certificate. For our community, that means giving back.

Our team members possess a strong spirit of giving, which has resulted in Trilix having an extraordinary community impact in our first year. We have spent time partnering with a number of organizations including: Junior Achievement, Opportunity@Work, Tech Collective RI Foundation and CS4RI. I personally find it moving that we have a team who is willing to provide inspiration and support to the local RI community by participating in community service and mentorship programs.



At the core of what we do sits our people, affectionately known as #TeamTrilix. In Year 1 it was important that we built an organization that allows our team to come to work each day and be surrounded by a dedicated, supportive team of individuals who are eager to grow Trilix beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

Randy, me and Carrie at our March 28 Workplace Excellence Panel Discussion.

To get a better feel for what #TeamTrilix is all about, check out our:


Year 2 Begins

With our first year heading into the rearview mirror, I am so proud of everything, big and small, that we have accomplished out of the gate and am equally excited for all that’s ahead.

As we welcome Year 2 you can expect us to continue to live out our core values, purpose and ideology: continually feeding our curiosity for extra learning and development opportunities, conceptualizing game-changing applications and workflows that help our clients reach a heightened level of workplace excellence, and remaining intentional in how we build our relationships. We will also welcome our Board of Advisors who will help us continue to chart our strategic initiatives and roadmap.

Internally, we will continue to put the stones in place so that Trilix can remain an employer of choice. This means a special focus on cultivating a culture that inspires and motivates excellence in all that we do, by fostering an environment of trust, collaboration and happiness.


We can’t wait to see what’s ahead and are so grateful you are part of this journey with us!

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