As business leaders, one of our worst fears is coming to the realization that our teams don’t feel they have the technologies needed to do their jobs efficiently—or that daily process and systems grievances are negatively impacting their day-to-day work experience. But the reality is that market research shows that a number of our employees are frustrated by the tools and processes they must rely upon to complete their jobs.

  • They may be stuck in Excel hell, desperately wishing we would automate the reporting process.
  • They may be fatigued by the redundant steps they must take to process payroll.
  • They may hope to no longer have to log into three different systems to get personal, sales and customer service information on one single client.

In our inaugural workplace excellence podcast episode, I am joined by my colleague Randy Jackvony, Trilix Principal of Technology and Client Services. In our short chat, we explore the top workplace woes that we must eradicate once and for all. Randy also offers some quick tips for moving your department, and organization, forward to a better state. Check it out below by clicking “listen now!”

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