Cranston, R.I. – Wednesday, August 8, 2018—As organizations face mounting pressure to innovate and deliver more value with each project, traditional approaches to technology implementation and project management begin to fall short. In fact, PMI research shows that globally organizations wasted an average of $97 million for every $1 billion invested in projects and programs as recently as 2016.

As businesses look to have greater success with project management, applications development, communications and delivery, they are increasingly leveraging Scrum as a proven framework to generate strong outcomes. On Tuesday, Sept. 25, from 8 to 10 am Randy Jackvony, Trilix’s Principal of Technology and Client Services and Certified Scrum Master, will lead an interactive training session at the Tech Collective: “How to Accelerate Your Work and Deliver Value Through Scrum.”

“The Scrum framework focuses the team on the highest priority work, allowing for the delivery of higher value in shorter times,” says Jackvony. “One of its most powerful components is the frequent, yet short, communication that keeps the team moving in the same direction and towards the same goal. We apply it here at Trilix because it provides a vehicle for use to provide better value to our clients.”

The upcoming training comes off the heels of a successful Scrum 101 session that Jackvony led at the Tech Collective in May for more than 50 attendees. The Tech Collective is Rhode Island’s foremost Information Technology Association, uniting and promoting all of Rhode Island’s tech stakeholders, including students K-12, professionals, higher education, government and industry.

Jackvony will lead a deeper dive into Scrum exploring:

  • What is Scrum and how it works: process, events and roles
  • Why Scrum is increasingly replacing Waterfall as a means to software development
  • How Scrum can be used to replace traditional approaches to project management
  • How Scrum helps teams deliver higher value results in shorter timeframes
  • Misconceptions of Scrum
  • Best practices and considerations for a bringing Scrum into your organization

Through small group work and experiential exercises, attendees will also have the opportunity to consider how Scrum could specifically impact their organization and project rollouts and solicit input from their peers.

“The Agile RI community has grown exponentially in recent months. There’s a continuous need for more collaboration and information to assist with the transformations taking place at companies throughout the state,” says Amanda Roman, Agile RI Program Manager at Tech Collective. “Randy Jackvony’s Scrum 101 presentation gave attendees a high-level overview of how Scrum works. We’re excited to offer the next level of Scrum training that can be implemented and positively impact the attendee’s organizations and the agile community in Rhode Island.”

Jackvony, who is one of Trilix’s executive founding members, serves as the company’s primary technical leader, responsible for overseeing, mentoring and coaching the technical team, steering the technology portfolio, and ensuring that clients experience business-outcome improvement based engagements. This past March, Jackvony was recognized by the Providence Business News with a C-suite award for the category of Chief Information/Technology Officer for a small private company.

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