RI Inno, August 13, 2018 – For almost three decades, Tim Hebert successfully built up and ran the company Atrion, a leading IT services firm, specializing in everything from security to integration to data center solutions.

The company played a key role in helping organizations further grow their business through customized tech solutions, often behind the scenes.

When the company was acquired by the Exeter-based Carousel Industries in 2016, Hebert was presented with the unique opportunity to start a new, more outward-facing company that used his expertise in technology to help companies create a work culture driven by efficiency.

In mid-2017, Hebert launched Trilix, a hybrid between a consulting and tech firm that uses custom applications to fix or improve a company’s business processes and workflow systems.

“We are looking to go into companies and help them re-ignite the notion of workplace excellence,” Garry Foisy, principal of business development at Trilix, told Rhode Island Inno. “Employees experience these nagging problems everyday when they come to work. This could be in sales, finance or customer service … all of these things, when you pull them together, create great pains. But if they were fixed, they could have a dramatic impact.”

The company is composed of mostly ex-Atrion employees and works largely in the nonprofit, health, manufacturing and financial services sectors.

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About Trilix

Trilix is a consulting firm helping clients reach breakthrough growth. Trilix helps mid-market organizations strengthen their approach to strategy, execution and culture so they can achieve dynamic, lasting transformation. Made up of a team of senior-level strategists, innovators, developers and trailblazers, Trilix helps clients drive favorable business outcomes.

To learn more, please visit trilixtech.com.

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