As a business leader, you likely spend a substantial portion of your day thinking about the role that technology plays within your department—whether you are in IT, operations, marketing or finance. As each year passes, technology emerges even more clearly as the core nucleus for all departmental decisions as leaders look to drive efficiency, productivity and performance… while driving down costs. In fact, according to Gartner, CEOs list one of their top three focus areas for 2018 and 2019 as IT, specifically digital transformation.

With innovation and growth strategy likely top of mind for you, let’s dive into three ways you can leverage technology as an accelerator to reach favorable business outcomes:

1. Enhance Stakeholder Communication

Whether you are communicating with your customers, partners or investors, you need to provide superior stakeholder communication—a critical linchpin in your company’s ability to generate revenue and enjoy healthy growth. Today, stakeholders can communicate with your brand through a number of channels, from your customer applications to your self-service portals. Therefore, it’s imperative to think about how to use technology to ensure that your stakeholders can:

  • Engage with your brand expediently and seamlessly
  • Access critical information about their engagement with you (e.g. service/transaction history, billing cycle, customer service inquiries, etc.)
  • Obtain and synthesize information about their engagement with you through clean and clear reports and dashboarding
  • …. among other benefits

As an example, recently we have been working with The College Crusade, Rhode Island’s largest college access program for low-income, first generation, underserved students, on creating a new membership portal that will allow them to better communicate with their stakeholders: students, parents, advisors and employees. The portal allows students and families to obtain information about programs, events and College Crusade offerings expediently, as well as register directly for programs and events (you can learn more about the portal benefits by clicking here).

Technology can be applied as a driver of engagement with your stakeholder, allowing you to deepen client relationships, generate revenue and provide a world-class customer experience.

2. Deliver Superior Customer Service

Market research demonstrates one theme over and over again: superior customer service is an imperative for any successful business. But the research also shows that 80 percent of customer service professionals do not feel that their current customer service systems will meet future needs.

When you consider how to double down on leveraging technology as a workplace accelerator, consider the impact it can have on delivering exceptional customer service. For instance, imagine the gains to be realized in integrating your office phone system with your customer relationship management system. Suddenly, your call center agents can be automatically provided with pertinent customer information—account number, last name, previous service requests, etc.—from the moment they pick up the phone (more on that here). Or, consider the benefits afforded by offering your customers a self-service portal or mobile application through which they can engage with your company.

Technology, specifically when applied against customer acquisition and retention strategies, can play a critical role in the customer experience.

3. Strengthen Team Communication

Oftentimes in business, we know that our teams can communicate more efficiently—especially across departments—but client work simply comes first and so we don’t tackle the communications issues. Instead, we lose precious hours here and there because of issues like siloed systems, broken workflows and manual processes. But the hours add up and when you start putting numbers to wasted hours per employee, the financial impact becomes steep.

Technology can be used to not only improve communication with your external stakeholders but internally as well. Most recently we put our own communications practices to the test when our Senior Software Developer Travis Eland spotted an improvement opportunity in how we manage our development environments. Travis recognized that a key integration between three of our systems could enhance team communication and ultimately impact team productivity and performance; learn more by clicking here.


As you start examining powerful ways you would like to leverage technology for efficiency and productivity gains, we are here to bat around some ideas. Ready to kick off a complimentary brainstorm session? Click here and let’s get moving! 

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