Rhode Island’s The College Crusade, the state’s largest college access program for low-income, first generation and underserved students, has been helping increase high school graduation, college and career readiness, and college completion for the youth in Rhode Island’s low-income communities since 1989. When The College Crusade reached out to Trilix a few months ago, the organization was looking for a way to modernize the ways in which students and families communicate and interact with The College Crusade.

“The most important thing we can do is communicate well with our students and our families,” says Andrew Bramson, The College Crusade CEO. “I realized early on that if we continued to do things exactly the same way, we would not be able to generate the same positive results anymore. And that’s simply because of the pace of change in our industry and the fact that what worked in the past may not work in the future. Our students are changing, their parents are changing, how families get information is changing, student expectations are changing. It became evident that we needed to start making some shifts.”

The College Crusade desired to create a custom membership portal that could offer a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Automating the organization’s manual, paper- based program recruitment process
  • Streamlining communications between students, families, advisors and staff
  • Centralizing student information, allowing parents to update and maintain information like address, phone number, email address, student allergies, etc.
  • Presenting efficiency gains for students and families, as well as The College Crusade staff, with all information being centrally stored

Click here to read the full case study on how Trilix has partnered with The College Crusade to bring financial, efficiency and connectedness gains to the organization.

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