We had the chance to sit down with Michelle Pope, COO of CompuClaim, a leading provider of Electronic Data Interchange, billing and compliance solutions with a special focus on K-12 Public School Districts. With more than two decades experience leading business operations—with a special focus on continuous improvement—we picked Michelle’s brain on everything from top focus areas for today’s operations leaders to how to balance technology, process and people to achieve organizational goals.

One of our favorite pieces of advice from Michelle? When looking to bring innovation to your business unit, go straight to your employees for insight into the opportunities and challenges that exist.

 “A lot of the ideas and strategies come from executives or when leaders meet and brainstorm ideas,” she says. “Include people who are closest to the business and the business issues. It doesn’t always have to be leadership sitting at the table creating those visions and strategies. Bring your employees in from the various areas and listen to their ideas and brainstorm with them.”

Click here to listen to the recording.

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