At Trilix, we leverage custom software development and integrations to help our clients achieve a number of business objectives—from creating proprietary software, to delivering heightened customer value, to introducing business applications to drive efficiency and performance.

Recently, we teamed with a local organization on improving and modernizing their call center dashboard application so that they could strengthen their customer service experience. When they approached Trilix, they were looking to modernize their software solution that they built in 2002. At the time, the solution was written in a way that made sense and at that time they had 15 customer service representatives and a reasonably-sized product catalogue. But, over the years, they have grown to about 75 customer service representatives and a significantly larger product catalogue. Their existing solution could no longer support their business growth and was prone to regular delays that impacted the day-to-day functions of their call center representatives.  

We had previously worked with this organization on a different engagement so when they reached out to modernize their call center application, we were happy to help. There were several things we tackled. For instance, they wanted their reps to have immediate access to account numbers and contact names for every incoming call. Due to the latency of the old system, notifications were not functioning correctly. In addition, the old solution was decentralized, meaning each client had the software running locally on their machine. The dashboard application was also not utilizing enhancements that had been made over the years to the call center software and with the growth to the client’s call center, the existing dashboard—in its current state—could not be maintained.

As we began to modernize the call center dashboard application, we did a few things:

  • We centralized the solution which sped up their call center process
  • The previous solution was written in .NET; we modernized the new solution to create a web-based solution and used HTML and CSS to build that centralized application
  • We gave the client greater visibility into their call center metrics. Call center supervisors, for instance, can easily see how many people are on hold, how quickly calls get resolved and which reps are working with which accounts.

We love working with clients like this because they recognized that they did not have to continue to suffer with this sluggish software problem. Instead, they said, “We are going to improve our environment.” When technology begins to negatively impact your day-to-day, it’s time to make a change. Even if you can improve your productivity by five minutes a day, that is huge. This client saw that their productivity—and customer experience—was being impacted and said, “What can we do about it?” They were committed to leveraging technology to infuse efficiency, productivity and performance back into the business with modern technology.

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