PBN, Feb. 13, 2019 – Many things can go wrong with a technology project – ambiguous requirements and an out-of-control, ever-growing scope of work among them. Randall Jackvony, vice president of technology and client services for Trilix, says end users play a crucial role.

PBN: When making a tech-related change at a workplace, what can happen if the employees who will be using the new technology are not involved?

JACKVONY: If the employees who will be using the new technology are not involved in the project at all stages, the likelihood of project failure increases significantly. End-user input is key to help set priorities, understand the state of existing processes and technologies, envision and describe the desired future state to other business stakeholders, and validate that the new technology works as expected. Further, having their buy-in empowers employees, makes the transition easier, the adoption rate higher, and allows the organization to derive maximum benefit from the new solution.

PBN: What are common mistakes you see in projects requiring technology changes?

JACKVONY: When business leaders fail to thoroughly examine the environment in which the technology will be used. When this doesn’t happen, process problems often manifest and impede the success of the technology project.

Another issue that can arise is not prioritizing the problems the technology is supposed to solve. Technology projects can fail when every business pain is urgent; and when everything is urgent, nothing is really prioritized. The key to combating this is to prioritize the pain and address those items accordingly, especially those that have the greatest effect on increasing revenue, introducing efficiencies and bolstering team morale.


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