Cranston, R.I. – Monday, April 15, 2019— Manning Publications, an independent publisher of computer books and video courses for software developers and computer business professionals, has tapped Trilix Lead Architect Scott Cornell to create a 10-part video training course on how to leverage the power of Google’s newest cross-platform framework, Flutter. The course provides developers with technical training on how to get started with mobile app development in Flutter, from start to finish.

“I discovered Scott through his blog series on Flutter animations, a complicated but important topic within the field of this new cross-platform development framework,” says Brian Sawyer, Senior Acquisitions Editor at Manning Publications. “His written ability to explain such complex ideas clearly, along with his experience as a technical trainer, made him an obvious candidate for a Manning video course, and we’re very excited to offer his content through our liveVideo platform.”

The course, “Flutter in Motion,” walks students through everything from installation and setup to widgets and theme selection to animation to deployment, and everything in between. Specifically, students will learn how to build Flutter apps for iOS and Android, understand the differences between implicit, transition and explicit animations, leverage Flutter design patterns and best practices, and gain exposure to Google’s Dart programing language, among other things. The course is geared towards intermediate developers with experience in a high-level language like Java, JavaScript or C#.

The video training course comes on the heels of Cornell launching an educational Flutter blog series last year and speaking at several Rhode Island forums on the impact of Flutter. This June, Cornell will continue to bring his trainings to new audiences through a two-part Flutter training series that will be taking place at the Tech Collective in Providence, Rhode Island.

“Flutter has taken a different approach than Xamarin, Ionic, React Native and NativeScript. With its use of the SKIA graphics library, you can truly bring a consistent look and feel across IOS and Android with one codebase. Additionally, Google is looking to bring Flutter to the Web and desktop. Because of this, it’s important for developers to get familiar with this new framework and understand how it can be leveraged in business to drive outcomes,” says Cornell. “It’s an honor to be able to partner with Manning in bringing Flutter training and awareness to a larger community of developers.”

To sign up to access Cornell’s “Flutter in Motion” video series, click here. To learn more about how to bring Flutter into your business environment, click here.

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