PBN, April 30, 2019 – Software development and systems integration firm Trilix announced a new business-intelligence division that will work to help companies use their data more wisely. On June 11, at the Save The Bay Center in Providence, the company will offer a free seminar on the topic. Trilix co-founder Erica Davies says executives from all industries can benefit.

PBN: Your upcoming event, “Data Rich, Information Poor,” is billed as focusing in part on potential productivity gains for businesses. Can you describe what some of these gains might include?

DAVIES: It focuses on how organizations can leverage business intelligence and the right software solutions – Power BI, Tableau, Stitch, Panoply, etc. – to strengthen the way they leverage their data. These solutions help eliminate the inordinate amount of time each day that we spend on sifting through data, pulling manual reports and determining where the single source of truth of our data exists. Organizations that begin to implement business-intelligence solutions start to see gains that include automating reporting processes; expediting and quantifying decision-making processes; and creating real-time, immediate access to business information.

PBN: Why did Trilix decide to begin offering business-intelligence services?

DAVIES: We are passionate about helping organizations leverage technology as an accelerator to move their businesses forward. A chief way we can do that is by helping businesses get access to the right information at the right time and in the right format. BI naturally falls in line with that. The launch comes out of interest from our existing and potential clients and naturally connects to our core offerings of application development and systems integration, which typically expose us to clients’ data sources.

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