Something that is important to us here at Trilix is to spend time out in the community talking with local leaders, influencers and innovators about their greatest business opportunities and challenges. We have learned a lot over the last few months and have begun to piece together some common problems that these businesses are trying to solve.

(As a quick aside, if you haven’t yet checked out Innovate Newport, Venture Café Providence or Sprout CoWorking, head over to these places; these local purpose-driven organizations are doing a great job in assembling entrepreneurs and business owners around the topics of innovation, transformation and technology disruption.)

The companies and organizations we’re working with have done a phenomenal job creating products and solutions that can be transformational for their clients. However, while they focus on their business, they know that they’re not fully leveraging the tech landscape to build strong communities, or customer bases, in a way that feels real, authentic and new-age.  Simply put, there are so many options available it’s hard to know where to start. Whether the company is several decades old, or in an early funding state, the leaders of these organizations are interested in generating superior customer experiences and high levels of connectedness and engagement, and they need an innovative strategy to support that mission.

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For example, we have met with entrepreneurs who want to create proprietary, mobile applications to create a privatized, social-media like environment for their users. We have talked with larger organizations that are focused on how the right UI/UX experience can change the way in which content is consumed and understood by their customers. Other companies want to start to build the beginning stages of a data strategy so that they can leverage data and business intelligence to derive customer insights to shape the direction of their brands.

These conversations and work excite us because they demonstrate the continued shift in focus from the brand to the consumer.

At Trilix, we believe that successful companies—no matter the size—need to place attention around cultivating strong communities of raving fans behind them. With a strong customer base, after all, you can introduce products and services that directly connect with your customers. You can reach your important company growth markers because you are growing in a way that serves specific market need. More importantly, you can have a positive impact on others. Technology is the bridge between these organizations and their communities.

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In the coming months, Trilix is going to continue to bring to the foreground conversations surrounding community and the role technology can play in facilitating that. We want to invite you to have that conversation with us!

Whether you are looking to brainstorm ways to better engage your community, get advice on what we are seeing with regards to community-strengthening technologies, or just interested in meeting up to get to know one another, we would love to chat. Drop us a line here.

We look forward to seeing you around!

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