PBN, Dec. 3, 2019 – Rob Ulmschneider, the new director of business intelligence solutions at Trilix, heads up the company’s newly launched Business Intelligence Practice.

His work involves helping clients see what data can offer in terms of growth, productivity and more, as well as build ongoing data strategies.

He will also lead trainings and workshops throughout the region for companies looking to better plan and implement the use of data.

Ulmschneider previously worked in business intelligence roles at The Conference Exchange, an event-management software company in Cumberland, and at First Citizens Federal Credit Union in Fairhaven. He is a graduate of Anna Maria College in Paxton, Mass.

PBN: You assist clients with data strategy. Do you see many companies that don’t have solid strategy in place first but have data more for the sake of data?

ULMSCHNEIDER: It’s not so much that companies are compiling data aimlessly, but they are often just tackling one or two burning questions at a time. They embark on ad-hoc data projects that have a sole objective of answering a single question instead of building a data ecosystem that can quickly respond as new questions arise. When you start with a data strategy that aligns with your overall strategy, you’re looking at data holistically. It’s a proactive approach, rather than a reactive one.

PBN: Are there fundamental categories of data that should be collected and analyzed for every business, or does it vary depending on industry and company size?

ULMSCHNEIDER: There are some high-level measurables that nearly all organizations can track; everyone would love to reduce expenses, for example, and that’s easy to measure. Of course, other metrics will vary by industry. If you run a nonprofit, you might be more focused on community engagement, whereas a bank or credit union is going to pay more attention to profitability metrics [such as] return on assets. The biggest variable is overall strategy. Two companies of the same size competing in the same industry might have very different key performance indicators if one is focused on providing a lower-cost product and the other aims to deliver higher quality and value.


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