Humor me for a moment, if you will, and check out this quick video about something that’s been on my mind recently…

Anyone else agree that we have absolutely found our new “where do you want to go for lunch” question?! I see you nodding over there 😊

In all seriousness, I was reminded the other day of the power of choice and the subsequent empowering energy it brings with us when we make an affirmative decision. Just a few weeks ago, we made decisions about our businesses all the time—both large and small. We were moving full steam ahead on new product roll-outs, acquisition plans, recruitment strategies, customer service enhancements and the likes. At the same time, we were making decisions about small but important things like investing in the leadership development of our management teams, recruiting new Board of Directors members, improving team operational efficiencies and so on and so forth.

But recently, our ability to make decisions has become greatly challenged, particularly as we navigate a tidal wave of unknown, unease and unthinkable hardship.

Some of us feel like we are stuck in limbo, vacillating between our fight-flight-freeze mind spaces depending on the hour of the day.

Others may be stuck in analysis paralysis.

While others, rightfully so, are scared to make the wrong decisions about our businesses and so we don’t make any decisions at all.

Last week, our CEO/Founder Tim Hebert wrote a great blog (click here) about the importance of leaders making choices, even in times of great uncertainty.

“The world, our teams, and families need something more. They require that leaders stand up and move forward. We must become bold and decisive not only to survive but eventually strive. After all, fortune favors the bold,” he said.

The decisions that we make in the next 10, 15 and 30 days about our businesses will be some of the most important that we make all year.

Those that choose to fight will take action each day to continue to move our businesses forward. It can be fighting back with small steps forward, like pitching members of our executive team as guest contributors for a leading publication, or launching a virtual event series to stay connected with our target markets.

We can also fight back with bigger steps like considering team reorgs—in place of layoffs and furloughs—to see if you can take existing team members and slot them into newer, more pressing roles to support your business in this rapidly changing business landscape. Striking up new partnerships is also a great avenue to explore during this time. As is up-leveling our approaches to service delivery so we are ready to deliver a wow experience when business starts to rev back up.

Those that choose flight or freeze, on the other hand, will remain in this hover state… the wait-and-see space. We must remember to be kind with ourselves when we need to retreat to flight or freeze. These times we find ourselves in are extraordinarily challenging and tragic, and we are human before we are leaders

But we also have to fight to be decisive. To spend more energy on making choices—even if they are the wrong ones—than doing nothing at all.

I love this quote by Dr. Steve Mataboli, a speaker, bestselling-author, and behavioral scientist

“Look around you. Everything changes. everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing, and changing. You were not put on this earth to remain stagnant.”

We didn’t ask for this evolution. And we absolutely cannot undermine the unthinkable health and economic consequences it has brought upon us.

But we can choose to own the next chapter of the evolution. We can choose to make the small and big decisions every day that put us in a better position tomorrow. We can choose to feel empowered—if only for a moment—when we activate our decision-making behaviors.

So… where do you want to meet?


What decisions you are making to fight? If you want to grab some time to chat and trade tips, feel free to book time on my calendar by clicking here.

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