“Every moment of one’s existence, one is growing into more or retreating into less. One is always living a little more or dying a little bit.” – Norman Mailer

I love this quote by Norman Mailer because when you think about it, every day we get to make choices that enable us to either grow, retract or stay frozen as individuals and as professionals. Growth can come in so many shapes and sizes, from learning a new skill set to striking up new business partnerships to investing in new development opportunities for our companies. That’s the beauty of growth. It doesn’t have to be huge to be impactful. Our simple commitment to grow—in the smallest and most significant of ways—always opens the door to new growth opportunities.

I believe that exemplary leaders choose to grow every day. They don’t retreat. They don’t freeze and embrace a wait-and-see mentality. Instead, they are deliberate and decisive, fundamentally believing that if we are not growing and evolving, we are quickly on the road to obsolescence.

Recently, our team at Trilix held an online training to bring leaders of all backgrounds together to explore the power of growth and to revisit core business elements that allow us to spark growth: strategy, culture and execution.

You can catch a recording of the workshop here if you missed it.

We talked about several things, but today, I want to zero in on three things that I believe are essential for all leaders to keep top of mind:

  • Create Our Own Urgency: There are always going to be disruptions to our business that we can’t control, the macro trends that impact us without warning like COVID-19, the 2008 recession, and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. These disruptions force us to examine our business through fresh eyes and change, even if we didn’t want to change. But as business leaders, we must enact increased levels of disruption and urgency to drive an organizational growth imperative. By targeting growth, we start the innovation wheels turning to create new ways to reach breakthrough performance. When we act as our own disruptors, we ensure that we are always moving forward and never choosing complacency.
  • Grow to Next: Growth-oriented leaders always consider what’s next and invest in themselves and their businesses to reach new levels of transformation. An excellent way to perform a quick gut check as to whether you’re future-focused is to examine whether you are doing things every day that make you uncomfortable. To create breakthrough growth, we have to lead at the edge where the “new normal” is challenging and uncertain, while finding comfort with the uncomfortable. The alternative leads to stagnation and decay. While we navigate the tide of uncertainty—one that is forcing us into a sea of discomfort—this is the perfect time to embrace new approaches and strategies that reflect the business you want to be on the other side of this crisis.
  • Spend Time With Yourself: As leaders of our organizations, we have to make sure we place ourselves in a growth mindset. Our mindset drives our reality and creates our good fortune. A mindset that is positive, forward-looking, and open creates the space for growth and expansion. How do you control your mindset… especially during challenging times? We must spend time with ourselves to understand how we think, where we are comfortable, where we feel challenged, and examining our perspectives and assumptions. We need to understand ourselves as leaders before we can effectively lead others. I spend 45 minutes every day in meditation, making sure I take care of mind before my day begins so that I can lead from a place of centeredness. To reach newfound levels of growth with our business, it starts with a deep understanding of our self. Make sure you are spending enough time in deep thought and not all your time in motion.

Are you growing, or are you retreating? It’s a great question to ask yourself every day, especially as we continue to look down a road we’ve never been on before.

I believe that no matter how uncertain the road looks, there is the opportunity to grow at every stop along the way. I am confident that we can strengthen our business position over the next 60 days and beyond despite the obstacles that we face. But our ability to grow will always come down to personal choice—to grow or to retreat.

What do you choose?

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