Cranston, R.I. – Thursday, July 16, 2020—Trilix, a Rhode Island-based consulting firm, has recently unveiled the Trilix Executive Academy, designed to support CEOs with their next growth imperative through a unique blend of executive mentoring, professional development, and organizational advancement offerings. Through the Executive Academy, business leaders can take advantage of a wide array of classroom trainings, peer forums, one-on-one coaching sessions, and organizational analyses—individually or as a packaged blend—to reach new levels of breakthrough growth.

“We have seen entrepreneurial organizations get stuck when the skills of their CEO’s and leadership teams don’t evolve along with the needs of the company,” says Dave Ramsden, Business Strategy Consultant. “But we have also seen that good people can become great business leaders with a combination of academic learning and regular mentoring. That’s why we created Executive Academy, to fill this need in the SMB space and enable businesses to accelerate their growth.”

As CEOs eye their next critical milestone—from sizeable year-over-year growth to new product launches to exit strategies—the Executive Academy helps prepare business owners, their leadership team and their organization for what comes next. Trilix Executive Academy offerings include, among other things:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Monthly Goal Setting and Tracking
  • 360-Degree Execution Assessment
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Market Forces & Competitive Analysis
  • The Growth Imperative Workshop
  • Leading Teams and Building Culture Course
  • Strategic Theory Course

All Academy offerings and courses are taught and led by Trilix’s team of Executive Consultants and Partners.

“Many executives battle feelings of isolation and loneliness as they continue to advance their organizations,” says Trilix CEO/Founder Tim Hebert. “CEOs often crave outside perspective and input, but do not know where to turn and, as a result, take on their challenges head-on and alone. This becomes especially risky if the CEO lacks the perspective needed to make the choices to get to their next phase of growth.”

“The Executive Academy allows CEOs to build partnership by teaming with mentors, coaches and strategists to gain third-party perspective to level-up and move forward,” he adds. “Through the Executive Academy, we help our clients lead with greater intention, build support structures to face the uncertainty of tomorrow, and start working proactively to invest in themselves, their team, and their business.”

To learn more about the Executive Academy—including Trilix’s Growth Accelerator Track—click here. To start assembling your own Academy offerings, reach out directly by clicking here

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Trilix is a consulting firm helping clients reach breakthrough growth. Trilix helps mid-market organizations strengthen their approach to strategy, execution and culture so they can achieve dynamic, lasting transformation. Made up of a team of senior-level strategists, innovators, developers and trailblazers, Trilix helps clients drive favorable business outcomes.

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