Business Intelligence Bootcamp

A half-day session to help you leverage data to stimulate growth

One of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal is data.

The sheer amount of data that flows through our departments and organizations, from customer invoices to monthly pipeline reports to detailed employee records, is a valuable product. This information—when leveraged strategically—can serve as a catalyst for business growth.

In Trilix’s Business Intelligence Bootcamp, we get you prepared and conditioned for how to make better use of your existing data to reach specific milestones. This half-day working session explores how a business intelligence (BI) strategy can help you accelerate growth, drive profit, enhance strategy and mitigate risk, among other gains. We handpick your facilitators based on your desired outcomes, so that you can tap into our strategic and technical teams in one session.

Following the Bootcamp, we produce a Blueprint that outlines the who, how, when and what specifically for your organization’s data needs, including:

  • Your Why for building a BI strategy
  • The specific Pains your BI strategy will address
  • The specific Gains your BI strategy will bring to your organization
  • Your step-by-step Roadmap for jump-starting your BI strategy, including specific tools, technologies and recommendations
  • A proposed Timeline for execution

This Bootcamp gives you a head start, leaving you with clarity on your individual goals, action plan for execution, and techniques to measure impact.

Fast Facts:

  • Who: Designed for an organization’s BI Champion—the leader who wants to chart a strategic path forward to use data
  • Where: On-site or virtual, depending your preference
  • Cost: $2,500
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