Common Challenges

Are you terrified of your data? Feel like you are experiencing sensory overload from the amount of data running through your organization? Do you get lost in a time vortex creating manual Excel reports, figuring out what part of your formula is off, and de-duping data?

The amount of data that passes through our organization daily is staggering; just consider the fact that market research states that 90% of the data in the world was generated over the last two years alone.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise then that with all that data, many are feeling data rich, information poor?

Any of the following feel familiar:

  • You feel frustrated and overwhelmed with the amount of data you deal with daily
  • Your day is spent jumping from system to system because related data is located in separate locations
  • You are eager to have access to reliable, accurate data at the right time to make quicker, more informed decisions
  • You’re interested in gleaning valuable insights from your information but don’t know where to start
  • You know data can be used to help you realize financial, growth, productivity and efficiency gains but it is not yet helping you in those areas

A Better Way

We help you build a data strategy that empowers you to improve how you use business information. We start by gaining clarity on your WHY for building a data strategy. For instance, are you looking to leverage data to:

  • Uncover new, or hidden, revenue streams
  • Accurately forecast trends and opportunities
  • Assess organizational risk factors
  • Tell a holistic story to demonstrate company impact
  • Identify ways to eliminate inefficiency and double down on high-value activities

Once we get clarity on your WHY, we help you build a data roadmap that reviews everything from the tools and technologies you will leverage (e.g. Tableau, Power BI, Looker, etc.) to how reports and dashboards will look and function to how your users will interact moving forward with your data. We leverage our proven methodology—beginning with a Planning and Architecture session —to shepherd you through the process to become information rich.

The Outcome

In partnership, we help you gain mastery of your data so that you can enjoy a number of benefits like:

  • Centralizing all your historical and future data so that it can live and reside in one place moving forward
  • Creating and implementing a data strategy that empowers you to leverage the qualitative and quantitative data that is captured by your organization meaningfully
  • Generating real-time, visually compelling reports on key company information such as, resource utilization, company finances, process efficiency, team performance, etc.
  • Expediting decision making and developing forward-facing plans by having access to the right information at the right time
  • Reducing time, resources and energy spent preparing reports
  • Being able to leverage the right technologies so that you can pull and create your own reports
  • Finding correlations between your activities and outcomes
  • Having a greater understanding of the type of data running through your organization daily

The top four BI objectives organizations have are to: make better decisions, improve operational efficiencies, grow revenues and increase competitive advantage

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