Common Challenges

The amount of data that passes through our organization daily is staggering; just consider the fact that market research states that 90% of the data in the world was generated over the last two years alone.

How confident do you feel that you and your team can access your data at the moment you need it most? Is your organization making decisions based on actionable data, versus gut instinct?

Even with all that data, do you simply feel data rich, information poor?

Perhaps you are:

  • Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with how to sift through your ample amounts of data
  • Navigating from system to system because related data is located in disparate locations
  • Eager to have access to reliable, accurate data at the right time to make quicker, more informed decisions
  • Looking to glean valuable insights from your information but don’t know where to start
  • Using systems the way they weren’t intended as a workaround to awkwardly capture data
  • Getting requests for routine information that would be better presented on demand on a role-specific dashboard

A Better Way

We help you transform your data into actionable business information so that your organization can expedite, quantify and validate your decision-making process. We begin each engagement by gaining a thorough understanding of:

  • Where your data resides and the most effective way to retrieve it
  • How to effectively extract, transform and load your data into a central warehouse so you have faster access to your information
  • How your users will interact with the data—e.g. daily, at a glance, executive summaries, etc.
  • The users, the frequency with which they will access the data, and the way in which they will access the data—e.g. desktop, mobile, email, etc.
  • The most effective technologies we will leverage to meet your overall objectives, boasting specific expertise in Stitch, Panoply, Tableau and Power BI

We leverage our proven methodology—beginning with a Planning and Architecture session —and shepherd you through the process to become information rich.

The Outcome

We help you leverage the power of business intelligence to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Maintain a single source of truth for your business information to provide a foundation for current and future reporting and dashboarding needs
  • Create real-time, visually compelling reports on key company information such as, resource utilization, company finances, process efficiency, team performance, etc.
  • Expedite decision making and develop forward-facing plans by having access to the right information at the right time
  • Reduce time, resources and energy spent preparing reports
  • Role and platform specific access for your users from front line staff to executives
  • Empower you with the right technologies so that you can pull and create your own reports
  • Find correlations between your activities and outcomes
  • Have a greater understanding of the type of data running through your organization daily

The top four BI objectives organizations have are to: make better decisions, improve operational efficiencies, grow revenues and increase competitive advantage

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