Common Challenges

We just can’t seem to get out of our own way.

Your business is rife with processes and workflows, everything from how to successfully onboard new employees to how to handle customer orders. But when was the last time you revisited your processes and workflows to determine if they still meet your current business needs? Do you feel stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel—tirelessly racing to stay afloat but just getting by?

Organizations with process and workflow woes likely experience the following:

  • Employees who log 60-hour work weeks, but are still behind
  • An inordinate number of spreadsheets, system workarounds and sole keepers of company data
  • Fiefdoms and siloes caused by each department marching to their own roadmap and no one “owning” the problem
  • Disempowered teams, disengaged employees and heightened attrition
  • Overspending in key process areas due to redundancies and too many processes

A Better Way

We create a stimulating environment for you to pull back the layers on your existing processes and workflows and explore if there is a better way to operate. In candidly discussing your challenges, documenting your desired ideal state and exploring ways to improve, we provide an actionable path forward, transforming anxiety to relief.

Our partnership begins with a business process analysis of your current environment. We ask probing questions to document where your process breaks—or fails to start at all!—and how each person’s role is affected. From there, using proven process improvement methodologies, we create a roadmap that prioritizes a path to operational excellence. That roadmap may call for a complete re-design of your existing process or workflow or for slight tweaks to eliminate unnecessary elements. In some cases, we may also recommend the evaluation of new tools or systems to help you work more efficiently.

Together, we lay the foundation to help you reap the benefits of effective, efficient and impactful processes and workflows.

The Outcome

By tackling process and workflow issues, we help you:

  • Reap tangible financial gains by eliminating organizational waste and risk
  • Successfully implement scalable, dependable and sound processes
  • Develop current processes and workflows that address current business needs, versus past needs
  • Create a healthy, empowered culture by providing immediate process improvements and harnessing the power of automation where appropriate
  • Improve your marketplace standing and reinvest in your clients and stakeholders with gained time and resources
  • Augment your strategic value to the organization and the value of your team

“Just one shift to improve a process and eliminate the all-to-often manual nature of an office job can be the very thing that makes you want to come to work the next day.”

Dana McInnis, Principal, Business Solutions


Looking to escape your spreadsheet nightmare or improve a critical workflow?