Data Strategy Roadmap

Develop a blueprint to leverage data to stimulate growth

Data can help guide business decision-making, identify trends, and even predict the future. But unlocking this potential requires a proactive approach. You need a holistic data strategy that not only answers today’s burning questions but can also ask and answer the questions you haven’t even considered yet.

A data strategy should address both the business and technical considerations of your ideal data ecosystem. The Trilix approach incorporates expertise from both domains, resulting in a plan that will drive how your organization can turn raw data into actionable insights.

In this three-hour virtual session, we will facilitate a deep-dive conversation that will allow us to:

  • Understand your overall business strategy
  • Evaluate your readiness for enterprise-wide data initiatives
  • Identify your data-driven wants and needs
  • Assess the current state of technical and non-technical business intelligence infrastructure
  • Prioritize potential project constraints

Afterwards, we will produce a roadmap that will assess the current state and ideal future state of your data ecosystem across five dimensions, merging business and technology elements to drive actionable results:

Trilix Data Strategy Roadmap

It will also provide short- and long-term recommendations that will deliver the biggest impact to your organization.

Your Facilitator will be Rob Ulmschneider, Trilix’s Director of Business Intelligence Solutions. Rob has more than a decade of progressive experience in business intelligence, data strategy, technical, managerial and strategic positions.

Fast Facts:

  • Who: Designed for key strategic leaders in your organization who are ready to turn data into action
  • Where: Virtual meeting on Zoom (or alternative platform of your choice)
  • Cost: $3,000

Unsure of how a data strategy can get you on the right path with your data? Check out a case study on how we helped Something Fishy evolve their data ecosystem with a data strategy roadmap.

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