Data Strategy Session

A half-day session to help you leverage data to stimulate growth

Data is a critical component in business strategy. It can identify trends, guide decisions and help predict the future. Advances in business intelligence (BI) technology have made it possible for organizations of all shapes and sizes to incorporate data at both a tactical and strategic level.

Nonetheless, BI projects are still complex endeavors with a high rate of failure. Business intelligence is not a single system or service, but rather an ecosystem with numerous integrated moving parts. It can be hard to make sense of all the different components—technical and non-technical—that go into your organization’s data ecosystem. As your strategic partner, Trilix can help you make sense of all these elements and chart a course for a successful data journey.

Our Data Strategy Session will prepare your organization to build a culture around data. During this working session, we’ll help determine the current state of your organization’s data and how it can evolve to achieve your strategic goals. We will facilitate a deep-dive conversation that will allow us to:

  • Understand your overall business strategy
  • Evaluate your readiness for enterprise-wide data initiatives
  • Identify your data-driven wants and needs
  • Assess the current state of technical and non-technical business intelligence infrastructure
  • Prioritize potential project constraints

Afterwards, we will produce a data strategy roadmap to get you started on your data journey. The roadmap will cover:

  • Aligning a data strategy with your business priorities
  • Management of non-technical infrastructure: people, process, policies, and culture
  • Coordination and integration of technical components
  • Improving the quality and reliability of your source data
  • Leveraging insights and analysis to provide a strategic advantage

The roadmap will also provide both short- and long-term recommendations that will deliver the biggest impact to your organization.

Your Facilitator will be Rob Ulmschneider, Trilix’s Director of Business Intelligence Solutions. Rob has more than a decade of progressive experience in business intelligence, data strategy, technical, managerial and strategic positions.


Fast Facts:

  • Who: Designed for key strategic leaders in your organization who are ready to turn data into action
  • Where: Your office or ours (in Cranston, RI), depending on your preference
  • Cost: Inquire
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