Stop Bleeding Money: Engage a Business Analyst in Your Software Project

Looking to maximize the success of your next software project? Consider inviting the BA to the table.

All too often software development and rollouts go wrong… the software goes unused, there is an excessive amount of waste generated during the development process, or the end product does not meet end needs. Think of the last software rollout that took place within your organization. Did it go as planned?

To ensure greater success with a software project, today’s businesses are increasingly tapping the business analyst (BA) as a critical role in all projects. The BA is responsible for pinpointing, outlining and helping to define the solutions that will maximize the value delivered to project stakeholders.

This white paper will explore:
  • The role of the BA in a software project
  • The key advantages a BA provides when they are brought to the table
  • How to ensure greater success with your next software project
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