Our Story

Consider one challenge you faced in a prior role that, despite your best intentions, you failed to prioritize and solve. If you’re a sales leader, it could be that after rolling out a new customer relationship management system, you never got 100 percent buy-in from your reps… let alone 50 percent! If you lead finance, it may be a death-by-spreadsheets-environment.

Now think of the top process or system obstacle you face in your current role. Got it? Now ask yourself…

How close are you to letting today’s unaddressed roadblock become tomorrow’s biggest regret?

Prior to starting Trilix, we were each business owners, department heads and team members facing the same challenge: how do you intentionally invest in your organization and department to inch closer to workplace excellence? For some, creating seamless communication between two previously siloed systems makes all the difference. For others, a custom application that delivers a more robust, meaningful customer experience results in profound impact.

Fueled by a passion for helping organizations create positive change, we founded Trilix.

Meet Team Trilix

Meet Team Trilix

Get to know our team better! Click on a headshot to learn more about that individual or on the link icon between them to see the one-degree of separation between the two team members. There are some interesting connections in the web!

Get to know our team better! Click on a headshot to learn more about that individual.


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Core Values

Every day, as we shape our culture, develop meaningful relationships and approach our work, we live out our core values...

Fueled by Curiosity

Fueled by

Investigators and explorers at heart, our thirst for knowledge is unending.

Cultivators of Inspiration

Cultivators of

We believe in the extraordinary, ever-convicted to unleash the potential within an opportunity and in others.

Mindfully Intentional


We are purposeful, driven by the greater meaning in everything that we do.

Tech Super Fans

Super Fans

We like technology…
a lot.


  • The pronunciation of Trilix is Try-Licks
  • We are New England proud, with our team hailing from RI, MA, CT and NH (oh and NY!)
  • Tim Hebert, former CEO of Atrion, Inc., founded Trilix
  • We have two office fish, affectionately named Gillbert and Fin Diesel
  • We could never remember who fed the fish so we built an app for that
  • We hold regular code reviews to enforce best practices
  • Try to stump us—we love a good challenge
  • You may find several us playing in heated video games on Friday nights
  • Our brain food of choice: frozen Seltzer, Coca-Cola products and M&Ms
  • We are community-focused, committed to teaming with local organizations to empower tomorrow’s leaders

Let’s Grab Coffee

We love getting to know other like-minded individuals who share our passion for igniting transformation through technology, system and process enhancements. We also love great dialogue. So, let’s grab coffee! Whether you’re interested in potential career opportunities, joining our partner ecosystem or learning more about Trilix, we’d love to meet you.