Maximizing Office 365: Training for End Users by End Users

Did your team just move from file shares to Office 365? Unsure if your files are syncing to the cloud? Still emailing files instead of simply sharing them? Confused about how create a new team site for internal projects?

In this two-hour, interactive workshop, we’ll “kickstart” your usage of Office 365 and show you the 101 basics that will make your life easier. We’ll start with your specific questions and goals to tailor the class to your needs.

Attendees will learn:

  • The basics: what is Office 365, how to access it and why it’s not all that scary
  • How to start leveraging Outlook Email
  • The features and functionality of the social platform Yammer, including when and when not to use it
  • How to use Skype for meetings and calls
  • The benefits of OneDrive for syncing, sharing and accessing your files from any device
  • How to use Groups to improve project outcomes and team communication


  • Randy Jackvony, Principal of Technology, Trilix
  • Dana McInnis, Principal of Business Solutions, Trilix

**This workshop is ideal for department leaders who wish to take their teams through this interactive workshop. Preferred audience is no more than 15 individuals. Complete the form for more information and pricing.

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