Common Challenges

As a business leader, you are on the constant quest to leverage efficiency-boosting, differentiation-generating applications and systems to better serve your internal and external stakeholders.

You dream of creating mobile applications that will strengthen client communication. You imagine how much smoother your department could run if your off-the-shelf software had a bit more functionality. You wish to mitigate the risk created by legacy applications. And you picture the gains to be had if you could just tackle the following challenges.

Challenges like:

  • Limited time, resources or talent to bring to life your idea for a mobile application that could provide financial, differentiation and efficiency gains
  • Off-the-shelf software solutions that only meet 80 percent of your needs
  • Outdated, legacy apps that leave employee pain, diminished productivity and inefficient stopgaps in their wake
  • Workarounds, manual processes and siloed data that get created from low usage of your existing apps
  • Lack of competitive advantage by not capitalizing on the latest trends (BYOD, mobile-first and IoT)

A Better Way

In partnership, we help you build mobile and desktop applications to drive innovation and transformation, as well as upgrade, replace or modernize legacy applications. We empower you to:

  • Create intellectual property and a competitive advantage in the form of a new, custom application that does not currently exist off-the-shelf
  • Tackle the 20 percent of features and functionality not addressed with commercial off-the-shelf-software
  • Replace, upgrade and modernize legacy business applications

We are well-versed in a number of technologies including: React JS, React Native, HTML5, CSS3, .Net C#, ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin, Azure, AWS, Objective C, Single-page Applications (SPA) and UX. What’s more, because we follow the agile software development lifecycle, we can get the solution in your hands in the shortest amount of time.

We take a business-first, consultative approach to pinpoint how we can implement technology against your existing and future needs. Our team serves as your creative incubators—presenting concepts that blend ease of use with cutting-edge functionality.

The Outcome

We help you define a coherent and workable vision for your business applications, allowing you to:

  • Introduce custom productivity- and engagement-generating applications for both internal and external audiences (e.g. mobile applications, client and membership portals, executive dashboards, employee intranets and extranets)
  • Leverage the power of desktop, mobile and cloud applications across Android, iPhone or both
  • Dot-line your application development pursuits back to top-line revenue goals and diminish organizational risk
  • Upgrade, replace or modernize old business applications
  • Enjoy increased user adoption and a better return on technology investments
  • Strengthen internal culture, enhance client relationships and improve competitiveness
  • Create propriety solutions for your business

The global application development and integration market is expected to grow 5.14% by 2021, driven by business leaders’ desire for cost reductions and operational efficiencies.

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