Strategy Execution Assessment

Fuel your growth strategy by taking an objective look at your strategic plan

Do you feel stuck? Are you clear on the growth imperatives you wish to reach but feel your company is lacking in momentum, focus and execution to achieve these milestones?

Our Strategy Execution Assessment provides an objective analysis of your organization’s current success in developing and executing a strategic plan, with recommendations for improvement that will help you drive performance. We will explore several dimensions of your strategic execution including:

  1. Core Ideology: How well your core ideology and decision making align with your overall strategy
  2. Transformative Vision: Whether your leadership team has defined a clear, meaningful goal as its highest strategic priority, and whether that vision is understood throughout the organization
  3. Strategic Focus: How well your organization is able to transform “good ideas” into a prioritized, limited, and actionable set of strategic initiatives
  4. Tactical KPI’s: How effective your organization is in identifying and leveraging both lag and lead metrics that can be used to change behavior and accomplish goals
  5. Adoption: Assesses organizational buy-in and overall effectiveness of your execution

Your Strategy Execution Assessment involves a:

  • Pre-call to identify your top goals and challenges
  • Anonymous survey of all staff to gain 360 degrees of insight
  • 3-hour on-site discovery meeting with our expert consultants and your leadership staff
  • Analysis and custom created assessment of your business with concrete findings and recommendations, delivered and reviewed in person


About Your Facilitators:

Each session will be led by one of our expert facilitators, based on your objectives, timing and availability:

Dave Ramsden

Dave is a management consultant with over 20 years of leadership experience. He is skilled in developing and executing effective, data-driven strategies that help organizations scale through the challenging phases of entrepreneurial growth. He has led strategic initiatives that doubled revenue performance over a two-year period. He has also helped organizations to increase NetPromoter scores by over 50 points and to increase employee loyalty by the same factor. He is a former CEO and Chief Strategy Officer with a strong background in operations and intelligence. His work was profiled in 2015 by Ben Gilad in the Harvard Business Review and in 2016 he was awarded the Providence Business Journal’s C-Suite Award for Chief Strategy Officer.


Tim Hebert

Tim has been an executive leader, entrepreneur and business coach for more than 30 years. For more than two decades, Tim served as CEO and President of Atrion, a Rhode Island-based IT services firm that grew from a two-man, spare-bedroom operation to a $160-million, 260-plus employee organization. Today, Tim is the Founder of Trilix and a national keynoter and author on the topic of intentional leadership.


Fast Facts:

  • Who: CEOs, Executive Directors, Founders, Presidents
  • Where: Your office, our office (in Cranston, RI) or virtual, depending on your preference
  • Cost: Inquire


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