Common Challenges

Think about the core business systems upon which you rely to move your department/organization forward. Your CRM, office phone system, financial and accounting platform, and service/support system may top the list.

Now consider whether these systems are connected to one another or seemingly exist on islands, each hoarding their own vital information. As our organizations grow, and our ecosystem of systems expand, often we spend little time connecting existing systems and more time investing in the next and greatest system.


As such, you may start to realize that:

  • You have 13 different logins for 13 different systems, each system housing different information that you need about one customer
  • Your systems all contain different information, leaving you feeling like you may have duplicate, inaccurate or inconsistent data
  • Data entry is manual and redundant; you enter the same information into multiple systems
  • You lack proper visibility, accessibility and transparency into your key systems
  • Visibility of data, and KPIs, is weak at best

A Better Way

Though impactful alone, your organization’s systems  provide even greater, more powerful value-add when they work together. We serve as the peacemaker, sitting down between systems that don’t want to speak with one another and connecting the dots so information is seamlessly transferred. Whether you are looking for an integration between your CRM and office phone system, your service platform to your financial platform, we help you connect the dots.

While any system with a workable and documented API is a great candidate for integration, we can help you integrate other systems as well. This includes integrations between:

  • Two commercial-Off-the-Shelf solutions
  • Custom systems to Commercial-Off-the-Shelf solutions
  • Phone systems to business systems such as CRM
  • Business Systems that require a mobile component

We have specific expertise with the following systems: RingCentral, Avaya, Cisco,  Jive Voice, Twilio Voice, Telzio, Vertafore, Salesforce, Freshsales, HubSpot, Zoho, Zendesk Sell and Pipedrive.

In partnership, we make sure that you are able to derive greater value out of your existing business systems by enabling them to work together for you.

The Outcome

We help you connect your critical business systems so that you can simplify workflows, improve productivity and operate more strategically. By connecting your systems you can, among other things:

  • Improve your customer experience by allowing your team to have real-time, immediate access to customer information without having to log in to multiple systems
  • Automate processes and free your team to focus on high value-add tasks
  • Maximize the influence and impact of your technology investments
  • Enhance system visibility, streamline workflows and improve data sharing 
  • Customize the flow of data to the right people at the right time

More than 80% of business leaders agree problems arise because of different, disparate, siloed internal systems/applications that are not integrated.

IDC Survey

Customer Service Optimizer Package

Ready to deliver superior customer service? Learn how integrating your CRM and phone systems can strengthen your customer experience, while also creating ways to drive departmental and organizational efficiency and productivity.

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