Common Challenges

By nature, we can be creatures of comfort—reticent to embrace something new. But we can be compelled to embrace new technologies, processes and systems when they are designed to meet our needs and properly introduced.

Unfortunately, many companies fail to invest time in user adoption as part of the overall project implementation plan, perpetuating a cycle of system misuse and old habits.

As a result, they may:

  • Not fully understand what success looks like for a project
  • Spend thousands of dollars on technology systems that no one ends up using
  • Remain stuck in the cutover phase versus adoption stage, never reaching the end goal of transformation
  • Unsuccessfully train on systems and fail to elicit user-buy in
  • Experience teams holding on to old systems tightly as they are unsure of how to use the new systems
  • Fail to prove the ROI of their investment because of lack of adoption and usability 

A Better Way

Traditional training methods are broken, typically focused on introducing everything at once and expecting users to switch their habits overnight. We design your custom user adoption program with your team—and their unique learning styles—in mind.

Once we understand your process, we develop user adoption and training sessions that are core to your process. It doesn’t make sense to simply train on the technology. Rather, we believe in training people in how new technology relates to their everyday tasks so they feel excited to try something new, rather than intimidated.

We can develop user adoption and training on any technology—from CRM systems to accounting systems to custom applications that we build. Our user adoption services provide you with one or more of the following: process analysis, system analysis to map the defined process to the system, training materials and instruction, user documentation and cheat sheets, technical writing and procedure documentation.

The Outcome

We work both tactically and strategically to ensure that your technologies, systems and processes are endorsed by your end users through process analysis, training and re-training. This allows you to:

  • Experience considerable user uptick
  • Implement a month-by-month, consumable training plan
  • Derive full financial, strategic and operational value out of your systems
  • Prioritize the stages of user adoption
  • Create a healthy, productive precedent for future successful company rollouts and deployments

“If the end user is not an active participant and their workflows are not at the center of the project, it is difficult to develop a solution that addresses business needs, elicits solution buy-in and develops a shared investment in success.”

Randall Jackvony, Principal, Technology and Client Services


Are your users frustrated or disengaged? Is lack of user adoption real in your organization?