Interactive Workshop: Build Your Path to Workplace Excellence

Interested in pioneering a movement towards workplace excellence within your department or organization? Tap Trilix for a two-hour, deep dive workshop to take your commitment to continuous improvement to the next level.

As business leaders, we are committed to reaching excellence within the workplace, particularly when it comes to the way in which we invest in our teams, leverage technologies and systems, and build and execute processes. We want our operations and cultural components to work hand-in-hand to help us reach an amplified level of success.

But achieving this harmony can be tough.

Research has long suggested that our employees are frustrated by the day-to-day technologies and processes on which they depend. In fact, 75 percent of American workers don’t believe they have access to the latest efficiency-boosting technology. What’s more, 49 percent of our workers are disengaged.

In this two-hour workshop, the Trilix team will come to your office and introduce a fresh way to approach workplace excellence. Together, we will explore how to:

  • Fuse together operations and cultural elements—and core accelerators—to reach important team and organization milestones
  • Identify the top process, technology or system that is prohibiting you from reaching your desired goals
  • Apply Trilix’s Workplace Excellence Matrix as a framework to start prioritizing your path to greater impact

As your partner, we will craft together a custom path to more successfully melding together your technologies, systems and operations on which you depend. We will support you on your movement to workplace excellence.

**This workshop is ideal for peer leadership teams or department leaders who wish to take their teams through this experiential workshop. Preferred audience is no more than 15 individuals. Complete the form for more information and pricing.

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